Focal Areas

Capacity Building, Experience Sharing & Peer Learning, Research, Advocacy and Electoral Resource Pooling

ECONEC’s areas of programmatic focus are: capacity-building; experience-sharing and peer-learning; research; advocacy; and electoral resource pooling.

Its capacity-building work centers around identifying and delivering pertinent trainings for electoral administrators.

This includes New Commissioners’ Orientation workshops for policy-makers and thematic BRIDGE trainings for technical staff.

ECONEC promotes experience-sharing and peer-learning among member-EMBs by organizing annual symposia on emerging issues in the area of electoral administration. At the approach of elections, it also organizes Peer Support and Learning Missions that afford members the opportunity to learn from the practical experiences of their peers organizing elections.

ECONEC also spearheads research and knowledge-creation in the area of election administration within the West African sub-region. Its review and needs assessment missions serve to generate unique contextual knowledge and understanding of the underlying challenges to electoral integrity in the region.

Capitalizing on concerns around rising costs of conducting elections in West Africa, ECONEC is leading efforts to control costs through election resource-sharing across member-EMBs.

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